Working for a fairer energy market

This campaign aims to ensure Victorian consumers have a voice in energy market debates and to promote a fair and competitive market place. From the implementation of new technology, to price setting mechanisms and the conduct of retailers—there are a range of factors which directly impact consumers.

Advocating for vulnerable, low income debtors

Low-income debtors often get the worst deal when it comes to dealing with debt. They face misleading or severe debt collection practices, default judgments and harsh debt enforcement, inappropriate bankruptcy or debt agreements. This campaign focuses on improving the deal for low-income debtors.

Exploitative credit— payday loans and consumer leases

Financial inclusion is not only about access to financial services, but protection from exploitative products that are inappropriate to consumers' needs.

Do Not Knock—stopping unwanted door-to-door salespeople

Being visited by salespeople at home can be an unnerving experience and the high pressure sales tactics used in this type of sales can lead to people signing up for products they can’t afford or don’t understand - Consumer Action is working to end harmful and misleading door-to-door selling.

Getting the most out of the new Australian Consumer Law

The introduction of the Australian Consumer Law provided Australia with a uniform set of consumer protections. Consumer Action is closely monitoring the implementation of the Law and compliance among businesses, while also working to make Australian consumers aware of their rights.

Direct Debits

Consumer Action has an ongoing interest in the use of Direct Debits and their impact on consumers. We’d like to hear from you about your experiences using Direct Debits as a payment method.

Fair Fees Campaign

Since 2004 we have campaigned against unfair, excessive and unlawful penalty fees charged by Australian banks and other financial institutions. In recent years we have been very successful in getting many of these fees reduced or abolished.

Fair go in insurance

Following the devastating natural disasters that hit many Australians in early 2011, the public and the government are starting to ask more questions about our insurance law and policy settings.