Residents respond - Retirement Living Inquiry

Victorian retirees have responded to a Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry report.

Deferred Management Fees case settled: law reform now desperately needed

“The relief was immense”, a simple enough statement from one of the fourteen residents from Willow Lodge Over 50s Resort (Willow Lodge), but universally felt following the settlement of the long running action over unfair exit fees, known as Deferred Management Fees (DMF).

Debt vulture companies are ripping off Australians and stirring up the credit industry

Money worries keep many Australians up at night and for some companies this is good for business. When watching TV browsing the internet during those early morning hours, Aussies cannot avoid advertisements that promise solutions to their financial problems.

Cooling-off periods for consumers don't work: study

When customers are offered a “cooling off” period, they don’t change their minds, even when the alternative is considered subjectively better, our research finds.

Second-hand cars: No warranty? No worries

Victorians have been handed a huge win after the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) confirmed that a car dealer can still be responsible for problems with a faulty car even where there is no warranty.

Don’t give up! Dick Smith customers still have options.

Following the news that electronics retailer Dick Smith has gone into administration – don’t assume you’ve lost your rights.

Retirement villages

Moving into a retirement village can be an expensive, complicated and stressful experience—especially as the contracts residents are asked to sign and the relevant Government legislation are complex. Consumer Action is working with a range of stakeholders to ensure residents have a clear understating about their rights and responsibilities.

Private Colleges

Common themes emerging in consumer complaints about some private colleges and training institutions has prompted the Consumer Action to publish a guide about common problems, how to avoid them and where to get help if you have a complaint.

Timeshare schemes

Timeshare is a complex concept. It is not unusual for consumers to be confused about what they are purchasing, and any confusion experienced by a consumer can be made worst by the seller’s conduct at the point of sale.

Motor Finance Wizard

Consumer Action is disappointed that ASIC has granted a consumer credit licence to Motor Finance Wizard, a company whose conduct has been found to be misleading, deceptive and unconscionable.

Debt collection

Consumer Action’s casework suggests some debt collectors are ignoring laws which require debt collectors to cease contacting a debtor once the debtor has requested that it do so, unless the contact is in relation to legal.