The Consumer Action Law Centre is a campaign-focused consumer advocacy organisation. Based in Melbourne, Australia, it was formed in 2006 by the merger of the Consumer Law Centre Victoria and the Consumer Credit Legal Service. Consumer Action is primarily funded by the Victorian Government, through Victoria Legal Aid and Consumer Affairs Victoria, and the Commonwealth of Australia, through the Department of Social Services and the Attorney-General’s Department.

As a community legal centre, Consumer Action provides free legal advice and pursues litigation on behalf of vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers across Victoria, and is the largest specialist consumer legal practice in Australia. As well as working with consumers directly, Consumer Action provides legal assistance and professional training to community workers who advocate on behalf of consumers.

As a financial counselling centre, Consumer Action operates MoneyHelp, a not for profit email and telephone financial counselling service providing free, confidential and independent financial advice to Victorians experiencing financial difficulty. MoneyHelp is nationally-recognised as the first point of telephone contact in Victoria for anyone with financial counselling issues.

As a nationally-recognised and influential policy and research body, Consumer Action pursues a law reform agenda across a range of important consumer issues at a governmental level, in the media, and throughout the community directly.

Consumer Action is dedicated to advancing the interests of low-income and vulnerable consumers, and of consumers as a whole. Consumer Action’s Policy and Campaigns Plan 2015-16 sets out our campaign priorities for the year, while our Strategic Plan outlines our vision and goals.

The Consumer Action Law Centre is governed by its Constitution which outlines the purpose and objectives of the Centre.

You can read or Privacy Statement here, and our Complaints Policy here.


1617 impact report


Annual Reports

Our Impact 2016/17 Website, 2016/17 Impact Report [PDF] and 1617 Financial Report [PDF]

Our Impact 2015/16 Website2015/2016 Impact Report [PDF] and Financial Report [PDF]

2014/2015 Annual Report [PDF] and Financial Report [PDF]

2013/2014 Annual Report and Financial Report

2012/2013 Annual Report

2011/2012 Annual Report

2010/2011 Annual Report – 5 years of Consumer Action

2009/2010 Annual Report

2008/2009 Annual Report

2007/2008 Annual Report

2006/2007 Annual Report

Consumer Action’s board

Barbara Romeril – Chair

Roslyn Hunter

Paul Murfitt

Vic Marles

Peter Gartlan

John Berrill

David Berry

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