Consumer Action will:

  • Test the effectiveness of consumer guarantees through casework and improve consumer ability to assert their rights
  • Monitor the implementation of general fair trading laws and regulatory protections, and advocate a ban on unfair trading
  • Facilitate the creation of Standards for products and services relevant to consumer protection
  • Be a watchdog for fair competition, particularly in the demand side of markets
  • Advocate for market study powers for national regulators, and the implementation of strong consumer protections arising from the Competition Policy Review

Protection & Competition Projects

Unfair trading – Some business models seem to specifically target consumer vulnerabilities, exploiting consumer anxiety and using high pressure or unscrupulous marketing tactics to drive a sale. Contracts can be complex or unusual, further manipulating consumer decision-making. Existing laws are not adaptable to stopping harm before it occurs. That’s why we will campaign for the law to be expanded to include a new “unfair trading practices” prohibition, to give consumers real protection form unaffordable, unnecessary and unwanted products and traders.

Consumer Protections – the Australian Consumer Law is scheduled for review in 2016. We will campaign to maintain our existing consumer protections and strengthen the weak areas. Our watchdogs need stronger powers to tackle consumer problems, and we’ll campaign for the resources they need to run market studies and challenge dodgy business practices that rip consumers off.

Dodgy Traders – older Victorians, students, home builders, second-hand car buyers – just four examples where we know people are being ripped off through shonky business practices and dodgy traders. We will campaign for legislative reform and robust dispute resolution forums to make sure the most vulnerable in our community aren’t sitting targets for slippery spruikers.

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