Let's cage their snakey behaviour

All of us need gas and electricity – that’s why they are called essential services . But too many Victorians are being gouged by energy companies using snakey tricks to rip us off.

By overcomplicating their ‘offers’ and exploiting us, energy companies are making record profits. 

Fake discounts, hidden penalty fees, inflated prices and huge mark-ups are taking more and more of our income.

The ACCC (our consumer watch-dog), and an independent Victorian report have both found that the energy market is not delivering the low prices it should.

Thankfully a solution to stop their snakey tactics is on the table.

A Basic Service Offer, or ‘BSO’, would be a no-nonsense, independently set, guaranteed fair price that would be offered to all Victorians to make sure we’re not being ripped off. We can set and forget. Just how energy should be.

Join the fight for lower energy bills by urging your local MP to support the BSO.

Need help?

You can speak confidentially to a free, independent and expert financial counsellor by calling the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007, or find out more at ndh.org.au

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