Consumer Action will:

  • Assist consumers to access appropriate and affordable financial products, services and hardship support
  • Advocate for strong and fair protections in credit reporting, debt agreements and bankruptcy
  • Expose the consumer detriment arising from for-profit financial difficulty businesses and pursue efficient and effective regulation to protect consumers
  • Provide, promote and support access to free and confidential financial counselling

Financial Difficulty & Inclusion Projects

For Profit Financial Difficulty Business – business is booming for those seeking to profit from those in financial difficulty, including debt management and so called “credit repair” services. Low-income consumers struggling to balance their budgets must have the necessary protections, advocacy and support to ensure that they don’t end up worse off, can have confidence in service providers through licencing, and have access to alternative dispute resolution. We’ll be campaigning for legislative reform and strong watchdog powers to make sure the most vulnerable can have confidence in accessing the assistance they need.

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