Impact Report 2018/19

This year has been dynamic for our Centre. In addition to our core direct services for the community, we have continued to advocate for a fairer marketplace obtaining some significant outcomes.

Some of the highlights of our Impact Report 2018/19 include: 

  • Teaming up with the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service to better understand and address the consumer, credit and legal needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across the state (page 8); 
  • Achieving great policy outcomes that will make the energy market fairer for Victorians (page 13); 
  • Seeing our work during the Banking Royal Commission pay off with many of the recommendations picked up in the Final Report (page 16); and 
  • Confirming that our efforts to integrate our teams have been successful, with our biennial staff survey achieving strong results (page 20). 

The report also sets out how this year’s work is set to affect our future campaigns and projects (pages 24-25).

Read the full report here [PDF].

Read the key facts and figures here [PDF].


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