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Helping your clients understand credit reports and credit scores

Your clients might be worried about their credit score and may be tempted to get engage the services of a “credit repair” firm. However, the truth is that your client is probably better off without them. “Credit repair” firms often charge hundreds of dollars for simple steps that a client can do for themselves at no cost.

In this toolkit, you’ll find out:

  • How credit reporting works
  • The relationship between credit reports and credit scores
  • The rules about what information can be listed on a credit report, how long that information can remain on the report, who can access the report and who can share information that will go on the report
  • Why your client should avoid credit repair companies
  • How do get a free copy of your credit report and check for mistakes
  • Possible options for helping your client improve their credit score
  • How you can help to bring about real and meaningful changes to the law

This toolkit consists of:

  • A guide for community workers
  • Accompanying information resource for your clients
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