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Lasting change happens through collaboration, consultation and openness. In 2015/16 we were involved in 840 submissions, conferences, consultations, inquiries and meetings to make Australia a fairer place.

Latest News and Media Releases

  • For Australians, debt advice must be a matter of trust: Consumer Action

    All Australians looking to get their finances back on track should be able to trust the financial or debt advice they receive. Sadly, this trust has been broken by dodgy debt advisers and other poorly regulated fringe lenders who prey on the financially vulnerable.  In......

  • Banks bosses should lose their conflicted payments: MEDIA RELEASE

    It’s time to give regulators the resources and powers they need and stop finance executives pocketing bonuses for rip offs, according to Consumer Action Law Centre in its response to the Royal Commission’s Interim Report and Insurance round today. The consumer group said that the......

  • The Victorian Default Offer to cut energy bills: Consumer Action

    The Victorian Default Offer, announced today by the Victorian Government, is a positive step towards all Victorian households enjoying fairer prices on their energy bills according to Consumer Action Law Centre. Consumer Action has long supported the recommendation in the Independent Review of the E...

  • MEDIA RELEASE: Government unlocks energy and water grants for vulnerable Victorians

    Financial and Consumer Rights Council (FCRC) and Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) today congratulated the Victorian government for its recently announced reforms to the Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS). “The Scheme provides assistance to Victorian families struggling to pay a gas, electrici...

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