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Latest News and Media Releases

  • Consumer Action supports removal of Limited Merits Review

    We welcome the removal of the energy pricing appeals regime that has regularly failed to deliver on its objectives. Known as LMR, it has cost households and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars each year....

  • Fairer Centrelink debt collection practices recommended

    Fairer debt collection practices recommended by a Senate Committee Inquiry into the “Better Management of the Social Welfare System Initiative” recognise that Centrelink should be required to comply with the same requirements as other debt collectors....

  • Junk warranties: Your time is up

    Consumer Action Law Centre says a class action to be launched against Australia’s biggest extended car warranty company shows rubbish warranties have had their day....

  • Consumer Action responds to Finkel

    In response to the release of the Independent Review of the Future Security of the National Energy Market (the Finkel Blueprint), Consumer Action Law Centre makes the following comments....

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