Financial counsellors, community legal centres and other community professionals are often the first line of defence against predatory and exploitative businesses for people experiencing disadvantage and vulnerability.

We want to support you in the important work you do. We have developed an extensive range of resources that can be used to support clients through a range of consumer and finance issues.

If you need help putting your client on the right path, you can also contact our Worker Advice Line on 03 9602 3326 between 10am-1pm and 2pm-5pm (Mon-Fri).

Please note: our Worker Advice Line is currently closed between 10 am-1 pm as we are experiencing high demand and staff shortages.


  • provide legal information and advice to caseworkers including financial counsellors, community lawyers and other not-for-profit workers about their clients’ consumer and finance issues
  • build the capacity and knowledge of community workers to assist their clients’ consumer and finance issues
  • maintain effective referral pathways for disadvantaged, low income or otherwise vulnerable clients requiring legal assistance

Find out more about the service we can offer and how to make the most of your experience by reading our Service Charter for the Worker Advice Line.


Consumer Action strives to provide services that are accessible, practical, expert, responsive and timely. You can find out how we are tracking by reading our latest Impact Report.

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