Consumer Action Law Centre (Consumer Action) changes the lives of Victorians and Australians through our financial counselling, consumer legal advice and expert policy work.

We work with print, digital and broadcast media across Australia to share the stories of the brave Australians willing to stand up against predatory businesses and business practices.

What we can provide

  • Expert comment on consumer issues for print or broadcast.
  • Backgrounding on consumer issues. Our policy experts can explain the issues in plain detail.
  • Access to clients and case studies.

What you can expect

  • Quality, authoritative comment from our experts.
  • Comment and information free from commercial or political bias. We are independent and not for profit. Our only interest is a fair go for Australians.
  • Client stories that are authentic and whose claims have been verified to the best of our ability.

What we expect

Due to our specialty in assisting vulnerable Australians, many of our clients live with mental health issues, poverty, family violence, low literacy/education and more. We believe these factors often make their stories even more powerful, but our first priority is their health and well being. We always make sure our clients are willing participants before referring them to media.

We expect:

  • Due care when interacting with our clients. If you are ever concerned about their well being throughout your interaction please contact us immediately.
  • Understanding if circumstances change. Sometimes for legal or ethical reasons we may need to remove access to a client. We will endeavour to find an alternative story where possible.
  • Patience. We’re a not for profit organisation working with vulnerable Australians. Sometimes our clients can be hard to contact or require significant support to feel confident sharing their story. We will always try our best to meet your deadline, but sometimes these factors can impact how quickly we can provide a case study.

Consumer Action’s experts can provide comment on a range of consumer, financial and related social issues.

Are you a journalist or broadcaster producing content on Australian consumer issues?

Call our dedicated Media Line on 0413 299 567 (do not SMS) for backgrounding,
media comment and access to client stories or email us.

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