Our Impact

We use our skills in the law, financial counselling, policy and campaigning to make consumer

markets fair.  We do this by:

Assisting and empowering people by advising them about their rights, connecting them with services, and supporting them to be capable self-advocates.

Supporting an effective community sector by enabling community workers to help their clients through training, outreach and legal assistance.

Shaping a fairer system by leading change to policy, laws and industry practice. We also litigate in the public interest and work to improve access to justice.

Our Impact Framework [pdf]

Impact Reports

These activities form the foundation upon which we measure and report on the impact of our work each financial year. You can read our 2022-2023 Impact Report here.


Previous reports can be found via the following links:

Our Impact: 2021-22

Our Impact: 2020-21

Our Impact: 2019-20

Our Impact: 2018-19

Our Impact: 2017-18

Our Impact: 2016-17

Our Impact: 2015-16

Annual Report: 2015

Annual Report: 2014


You can also find our audited financial reports via the following links:

Financial Report: 2022-23

Financial Report: 2021-22

Financial Report: 2020-21

Financial Report: 2019-20

Financial Report: 2018-19

Financial Report: 2017-18

Financial Report: 2016-17

Financial Report: 2015-16

Financial Report: 2014-15

Financial Report: 2013-14

Consumer Action seeks to be transparent about its funding sources.

Our funding

Stakeholder Surveys

2022 Stakeholder Survey Results

2020 Stakeholder Survey Results

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