Consumer Action seeks to be transparent about our donors and funding sources. Each year, we will list our funding sources on our web page. Individual donors will only be separately disclosed with their agreement. Disclosure extends to sitting fees and other consultancy income above a threshold of $500, but does not include reimbursements (e.g. recovery of costs, or rental income). 


Source  2020-21 Amount 
Department of Justice and Community Safety (Consumer Affairs Victoria) $2,774,861
Victoria Legal Aid (CLSP program) $2,020,062
Financial Counselling Australia $400,000
Federation of Community Legal Centres $196,014
Financial Counselling Foundation $127,500
Energy Consumers Australia $70,000
Standards Australia $69,089
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning – sitting fees $45,625
Energy and Water Ombudsman Victoria – sitting fees $22,942
Federal Court of Australia $9,091
Maurice Blackburn Lawyers – Donation – result of ANDREWS v ANZ (VID 811 of 2010) $4,124
Commonwealth Bank of Australia – sitting fees $2,500
Clean Energy Council – sitting fees $1,500
Australian Securities and Investment Commission – sitting fee $854


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