Consumer Action backs First Nations Voice and says ‘vote YES’

Consumer Action Law Centre strongly supports a yes vote in the coming October 14 referendum.

In 2017 Consumer Action officially supported the Uluru Statement from the Heart for acknowledgement in the Constitution and recommended treaties to bring about structural reform and social-economic improvement.


On October 14 we accept the invitation to walk beside First Nations people to make changes together to have a First Nations Voice to Parliament, a permanent representation and recognition in our Constitution.

First Nations voices are vital as they are the only ones who can truly explain and ameliorate the historical intergenerational traumas, the marginalisations, the hurt and all their consequences.

“This is an historic opportunity to further reconciliation in this country,” said Consumer Action CEO, Stephanie Tonkin.

“I am standing beside Consumer Action’s First Nations staff, our sector colleagues, and First Nations communities in their support for a Voice to Parliament,” she said.

“I strongly support a Voice to Parliament, and its fantastic to join with other organizations calling for a Yes vote in the upcoming referendum.

“It’s the time to amplify our message for the change we want to see, and show the country that we believe in First Nations people having a say in the decisions that affect them,” she said.

The Federation of Community Legal Centres has also issued a statement of support for the Voice.



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