At this year’s State Election, “Energy Prices Matter”

In the lead up to November’s Victorian State Election, Consumer Action Law Centre (Consumer Action) has launched a platform to ease the burden of energy prices, “Energy Prices Matter: Make it fair and affordable”. As Consumer Action CEO Gerard Brody writes, “keeping the lights on is a daily struggle for many Victorian families. There is a better way to keep households connected to gas and electricity in the face of exploding prices and apathetic retailers. Consumer Action has put forward this platform of reform to give power back to families.”

The platform identifies three practical measures for law-makers to make electricity and gas fairer and more affordable for all Victorians.

  1. Introduce a fair price guarantee for electricity and gas
  2. Increase the Utility Relief Grant (URG) cap and improve access
  3. Take energy disconnections out of the hands of retailers

Read the full platform here [PDF]

Energy Platform FINAL
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