Media release: Education service provider has ‘Mental Blank’ when offering VCE success course

Consumer Action Law Centre has issued legal proceedings against education course provider, Mental Blank Pty. Ltd., on behalf of a client, Ms Ahlin Chen.

It is alleged that Mental Blank failed to deliver promised components of their study course ‘VCE Success’, which purports to improve the study habits of VCE students.

Ms Chen bought the product for her son but now seeks cancellation of the course contract, and a $2,500 refund. Consumer Action solicitor Christian Groves said that Ms Chen purchased the course after her son attended a Mental Blank seminar priced at $395.

‘Ms Chen was convinced of the benefits of Mental Blank’s ‘VCE Success? course. Following the seminar she signed up her son, and paid $2,500 as a first instalment of the $4,997 purchase price.’

‘Ms Chen claims to have been informed by Mental Blank that her son was in fact receiving $12,925 worth of value for the $4,997 price.’

‘Ms Chen claims that Mental Blank then failed to deliver many of the crucial benefits promised in the course, such as a personal student evaluation and an action plan for her son’s strengths and weaknesses. It is alleged that Mental Blank also cancelled personal coaching sessions and provided subject reviews which did not follow study guidelines set by the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority.’

‘In addition, certain products attached to the course appear to have been misrepresented. For example, a product marketed as a software application called ‘Speed Understanding? seems to be nothing more than an unfinished web-page.’ said Mr Groves.

Consumer Action has filed the application with VCAT.


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