Media release: Educational software company targets parents in their homes

Consumer Action Law Centre has instituted legal proceedings against Advanced Education Resources, a seller of mathematical education software, for taking advantage of a non-English speaking widow who wanted to provide for her daughter’s education.

Director – Legal Practice, Celia Tikotin, said Advanced Education Resources uses high-pressure selling methods in people’s homes to sell its mathematical educational software to parents, taking advantage of parents’ desire to do the best for their children.

‘It appears that Advanced Education Resources made a number of misrepresentations about its mathematical software to our client, a widowed single mother with a young daughter,’ said Ms Tikotin.

‘Our legal action alleges that the salesperson claimed the software was suitable for a student’s entire secondary education when it was only suitable for two months.

‘Our claim states that the salesperson promised that the company would provide relevant product updates, and would give the daughter feedback and prizes for her work, but it failed to do so.’

Ms Tikotin said that Consumer Action’s legal action in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal also argues that the salesperson engaged in unconscionable conduct by failing to properly explain and ensure the mother understood the sale contract.

‘The salesperson came to our client’s home to sell the software and relied on her desire to help her child. Our client has limited English skills and the salesperson did not bother to make sure she knew what she was signing.’

‘Parents should be careful when giving out their contact details in shopping malls – at stalls or for competitions. That is how these companies usually collect people’s names and target families for their expensive products that provide doubtful benefits for children.’

‘This software cost our client over $6,000. Most parents cannot afford expensive so-called investments in their children’s education.’


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