‘Time for a change’: Why Megan became a financial counsellor

Megan Goodwin is a financial counsellor who joined Consumer Action at the end of 2020.

Starting her career as a lawyer, she has mostly worked in community services for the Red Cross where she helped refugees and asylum seekers in Australia and overseas.

Megan talks about what motivates her to do community work and why she decided to switch careers and become a financial counsellor.

“I really wanted to challenge myself and learn something completely new,” she says. “I heard a financial counsellor talking on the radio and thought it sounded incredibly interesting, useful and practical.”

Megan reflects on her first year at Consumer Action, how it tapped into her desire to help people with practical advice, and how the recently introduced chatbox function on the Consumer Action website has changed the way we engage with people for the better.

A full transcript of this interview is available. Please contact media@consumeraction.or.au

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