Applied Insurance Law – Climate Disasters, a free online course

All you need to know about insurance law and climate disasters: and its totally free.
Consumer Action’s newest self-paced eLearning module is Applied Insurance Law – Climate Disasters.
You will hear from our insurance expert Managing Lawyer Phillipa Heir. She has unmatched knowledge of Australian insurance law and is a very friendly and engaging speaker.
“We’ve developed the ‘Applied Insurance Law eLearning’ to aid anyone seeking to delve deeper into the intersection of insurance and Climate as we, and others in the community legal sector, are getting more inquiries from concerned people frustrated by their insurance company,” said Sarah Newman, Training and Engagement Lead at Consumer Action.
She said the course is straightforward. “The training requires less than 60 minutes to complete and equips you with insights into crucial aspects such as cash settlements, insurance delays and effective methods for lodging complaints with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).”


If you do the course you will gain an understanding of:
  • Cash settlements
  • Claim delays
  • Flood exclusions
  • Tips for making a complaint
  • + much more
To register for our
online training site, click go to
To access Applied Insurance Law – Climate Disasters, go to…/insurance-law…
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