ASIC raises concern about Carboodle’s ‘potentially misleading representations’

Car lease company, Green Light Auto Group Pty Limited which trades as Carboodle, has recently written to its customers about potentially misleading claims.  In summary, Carboodle says that it promoted products by using these lines:

  • ‘Making car ownership easier’
  • ‘Put simply, Carboodle is a smarter way to buy a car’
  • ‘At the end of 48 months…. you can hand the car back to Carboodle with no further obligations, or purchase the car from Carboodle at the residual price.’

Carboodle is now advising customers that the ‘terms and conditions of your lease do not provide you with a right to buy the vehicle’.

Carboodle also raised concerns about advice it gave in relation to its right to enter residential property to repossess a leased car. But Carboodle cannot enter your residence to repossess the leased car unless it gets a court order or unless you give it permission.

If you are a Victorian resident and have leased a car from Carboodle and would like free and confidential legal advice about your rights, please call our legal help line on (03) 9629 6300 or 1800 466 477.  Depending upon you circumstances, you may have rights to cancel the contract if you act quickly.

Free complaints can be made about Carboodle to the Credit Ombudsman Service.

A copy of the letter Carboodle sent to customers is available here.

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