August 2012

Push for ban on door-to-door sales
Herald Sun, 28 August 2012, Karina Barrymore

Door-to-door sales in hot water again as Fair Work Ombudsman accuses company of underpaying workers, 28 August 2012, Patrick Stafford

Plan to keep doorknockers away could drive up bills, energy retailers say
Herald Sun, 22 August 2012, Wes Hosking

Push for bigger writing and standout colour of price tags as shoppers miss out on savings because they can’t see deals
Sunday Herald Sun, 19 August 2012, Karen Collier, Kelmeny Fraser

Do not knock
ABC TV News, 17 August 2012, Simon Palan

Raiding the bank penalty money pot
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 August 2012, Michael Pascoe

Pay-day loans no solution for most, survey finds
The Age, 13 August 2012, Vince Chadwick

Myki flaw risks credit card security
The Age, 8 August 2012, Adam Carey

Charities fear fallout as winter bites
Herald Sun, 8 August 2012, Karen Collier and Nathan Mawby

Canberra is protecting loan sharks. Yes, you read right
The Global Mail, 2 August 2012, Mike Seccombe

Thousands of drivers fuming over unwarranted carpark fines
The Daily Telegraph, 2 August 2012, Rosemarie Lentini

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