NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register Guidelines

The Consumer Action Law Centre (Consumer Action) has provided a submission on the draft NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register Guidelines (the Guidelines). The NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register provides information about businesses which are the subject of the most complaints received by NSW Fair Trading each calendar month. The Guidelines set out how the Complaints Register operates, including how complaints data is collected and published.

We strongly support the publication of trader complaints data. We consider that public accountability for traders improves the overall competitiveness of the marketplace by encouraging traders to improve their practices and empowers consumers to make informed decisions about where to buy goods and services. Further, it provides incentive for regulators to take enforcement action against problematic players in the market where there are clearly systemic issues.

We encourage other regulators, including Consumer Affairs Victoria, to publish complaints data in similar ways so that consumers across Australia can benefit from this increased transparency and trader accountability.

You can read the full submission here [PDF].

181218 NSW Fair Trading Complaints Register Guidelines Review - submission
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