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Advertisement – Consumer Action Law Centre board director (voluntary)

Consumer Action Law Centre has two vacancies for volunteer Non-Executive Directors to join its board to contribute to the governance, strategy, purpose, financial wellbeing and sustainability of the organisation.

We seek candidates who support the work of our campaign-focused consumer advocacy, as well as free legal assistance and financial counselling on behalf of people experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage across Victoria.   Candidates who identify with, or have experience in working with, people from marginalised communities whom Consumer Action serves are encouraged to apply. These would include:

  • People living with a disability or significant health problem;
  • People facing marginalization due to age, gender, sexuality, race or cultural background;
  • Victim/survivors of family violence; and
  • People from First Nations communities


Other skills and experience necessary for the effective functioning of our board include:

  • An understanding of consumer protection and/or financial counselling
  • Strategic and corporate governance, including setting and monitoring progress towards the organisation’s Strategic Plan and Impact Framework
  • Risk and compliance
  • High standards of integrity and ethics

These positions will join a board of experienced, professional leaders with cross sector experience. The full position description is enclosed.


The role of board directors includes:

  • Attending 6-8 board meetings a year (approximately 2 hours). This includes attending the annual AGM and other relevant Consumer Action functions.
  • Participating in any board committee meetings or working parties as required
  • Pre-reading of agendas and papers, and considering issues documents before scheduled meetings
  • Contributing to the discussion and resolution of items/issues at meetings


A full induction is provided to successful candidates. An up-to-date vaccination certificate will be required.


Application contact:

David Berry, Board Chair,

Applications due: 1 April 2022


Board Member Position Description

Consumer Action Law Centre (Consumer Action) has a skills, experience and knowledge-based board that delivers effective governance and adds enduring value to the organisation. This position description identifies the range of generic skills required to effectively govern Consumer Action.


The Centre’s board is currently seeking to improve its diversity and we strongly encourage applications from First Nations people, people with disability, people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, people of all ages, and LGBTIQA+ people.


Role of the board:

The board’s role includes:

  • Overseeing the organisation, including its control and accountability systems;
  • Recruiting and overseeing the CEO, and active engagement with the CEO to provide strategic input and guidance on sensitive issues as required;
  • Setting the organisation’s strategy and performance objectives;
  • Reviewing, ratifying and monitoring systems of risk management and internal control, including legal compliance;
  • Approving and monitoring financial and other reporting; and
  • Establishing a corporate governance agenda and ensuring that it remains properly focused and balanced across all areas requiring consideration by the board.


General skills and experience:

The following general skills and experience are required by all board members:

  • Strategic expertise—the ability to constructively set and review strategy.
  • Corporate governance—knowledge and understanding of corporate governance principles.
  • Accounting and finance—the ability to comprehend the organisation’s accounts and materials presented to the board; understanding of financial reporting requirements.
  • Legal—knowledge and understanding of legal compliance and directors’ individual legal duties and responsibilities;
  • Managing risk—knowledge and understanding of risk management principles; experience in managing areas of major risk to an organisation;
  • Collegiate style and the highest standards of integrity and ethics;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Understanding of Consumer Action’s social mission, risk appetite, and principles of effective consumer advocacy;
  • No commitments or affiliations that may conflict with the interests of Consumer Action.

Specific skills and experience:

In addition to the above, the board has identified a need for new board members to have the following skills and experience – identification with, or experience in working with, people from marginalised communities whom Consumer Action serves, for example,

  • People living with a disability or significant health problem;
  • People facing marginalization due to age, gender, sexuality, race or cultural background;
  • Victim/Survivors of family violence;
  • People from First Nations communities.
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