Facebook makes it easier to buy and sell, but what are your rights?

You may have noticed this option pop up in your Facebook groups.

It looks like Facebook is on a mission to make it easier to sell and buy items through their network, but what are your rights?

In regards to second-hand items Consumer Affairs Victoria says:

When buying from a store or seller (including a business online), you have the same legal refund rights with second-hand items as you would with a new item.

However, you cannot claim a refund for problems that:

  • the store or seller told you about
  • you should have noticed when examining the item
  • were indicated in photos or the item description on the website.

We’re urging caution for anyone buying or selling products through social networks. Depending on how it’s sold you may or may not have certain rights under the Australian Consumer Law when you buy something from a private seller. Social networks and informal trading websites may make it harder to enforce any rights you do have especially when purchasing from an individual and not a business.

Remember: if the price or claims about the product sound too good to be true, they usually are. If you are certain you want to buy second hand through the internet consider established websites with strong buyer protection policies in place and remember that the website’s policy doesn’t necessarily reflect your rights under the law. The law in some cases may offer further protection.

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