June 2012

Thrifty moves for plastic users
The Age, 27 June2012, Clancy Yeates

Warning as banks try hard-sell approach to credit card customers
Herald Sun, 19 June 2012, Karina Barrymore

Millions of Australians have less than four weeks’ money to live on
Herald Sun, 15 June 2012, Karina Barrymore

Melbourne Water’s $306 million water bill is a hiccup, says Premier Ted Baillieu
Herald Sun, 14 June 2012, Angus Thompson, Nathan Mawby, Grant McArthur

Water works in no hurry to fix its bill blunder
Herald Sun, 14 June 2012, Angus Thompson and Nathan Mawby

Melbourne Water ordered to repay $300 million
The World Today, 13 June 2012, Liz Hobday

Water bill bungle hits households
The Age, 13 June 2012, Rachel Wells

Victorians overcharged $306 million due to Wonthaggi desalination plant delays
Herald Sun, 13 June 2012, Nathan Mawby

Melbourne households wrongly charged for water
ABC News online, 13 June 2012

Credit card changes bring borrower warning
7:30, 12 June 2012, Stephen Long

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