Media release: Consumer Action launches litigation against Motor Finance Wizard

Consumer Action Law Centre has issued proceedings against Motor Finance Wizard (Melbourne Sales) Pty Ltd (‘Motor Finance Wizard’) and Kwik Finance (Melb) Pty Ltd (‘Kwik Finance’) in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal on behalf of sole parent Ms Suzana Dominik.

Motor Finance Wizard is a licensed motor car trader that sells used vehicles from two dealerships in Melbourne, in Dandenong and Maidstone. Motor Finance Wizard also operate in Sydney and Brisbane. Kwik Finance is a related company that provides finance for the purchasing of Motor Finance Wizard vehicles.

Consumer Action is alleging that Motor Finance Wizard has engaged in unconscionable conduct in breach of the Fair Trading Act and that Kwik Finance has breached the key requirements of the Consumer Credit (Victoria) Code.

‘Motor Finance Wizard claim to offer consumers a good deal by offering ‘interest free finance’’ said Consumer Action lawyer Jillian Williams. ‘But our client is paying approximately 300% more than the market value of the vehicle she purchased. This is clearly not a good deal’.

At the Tribunal, Consumer Action is alleging that Motor Finance Wizard and Kwik Finance have engaged in unconscionable conduct by inflating the price of the vehicle and by having Ms Dominik wait at its premises for approximately 7 hours before she could choose the vehicle she wanted to purchase.

‘Our client is a vulnerable person and was left waiting for 7 hours at the dealership to purchase a vehicle. This sort of conduct is unacceptable’, said Ms Williams.

‘We are also alleging that the contracts did not comply with the Consumer Credit Code, as they did not disclose an interest rate nor fees and charges. Instead, these amounts have been hidden within the purchase price. This is done to confuse consumers about the deal they are getting’.

Consumer Action has raised the issue of Motor Finance Wizard’s and Kwik Finance’s conduct with consumer regulators and has called on them to investigate their practices.


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