New Report: Solving Problems – A Strategic Approach

This report is a joint project of the Consumer Action Law Centre (Consumer Action) and the Footscray Community Legal Centre (FCLC), who have asked Dr Liz Curran of the Australian National University to prepare a report which examines a strategic approach to solving legal problems experienced by low-income and disadvantaged people.

This report has been tailored to suit the needs of others in community legal centres, and more broadly, in the hope that this will promote further dialogue and discussion around ways of solving clients’ legal problems which can work to address and improve systemic issues that create such problems.

This report seeks to share ways in which processes within centres can encourage and be open to innovative and opportunistic ways of bringing about change for community that moves beyond discrete activities. It demonstrates that through strategic and integrated approaches which amalgamate and develop multi-pronged strategies (at the same time or at pertinent times in a continuum) momentum can be gained and collaboration can be harnessed to drive change. This change can operate not just for an individual but can benefit others in the community who experience the problems that are identified.

The full report can be downloaded here.

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