October 2013

Home repossessions
Today Tonight, 23 October 2013, Georgia Main

‘Do Not Knock’ signs are protection for the vulnerable
Australian Financial Review, 21 October 2013, Gerard Brody

Truth about power bill discounts
A Current Affair, 17 October 2013

AGL found to have breached consumer law
Skye News, 11 October 2013

VCOSS concerned over ‘discriminatory’ new Victorian energy concessions
ABC Online, 11October 2013

AGL facing $50k fine for ignoring a Do Not Knock sign
Herald Sun, 11 October 2013

Do not knock sign ruling a warning to door-to-door salesmen
The Australian, 11 October 2013

AGL faces $50k fine for door knocking
Sydney Moring Herald, 11 October 2013

AGL found to have breached consumer law
Nine News National, 11 October 2013

Anger over energy rebate lottery
Herald Sun, 10 October 2013, Karen Collier

Lawyers start $40 million class action against Cash Converters
ABC Radio PM, 10 October 2013, Mandie Sami

Is it too soon to talk Christmas?
Herald Sun, 1 October 2013, Karina Barrymore

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