Our Impact 2021-22: It’s the change we are making, helping people fight the powerful, advocating for a fairer Australia

Today we are delighted to publish our Impact Report 2021-22 which highlights our organisation’s achievements over the past year working for and with the people we help.

Read about the many successes we had holding the powerful to account: from saving safe lending, to improving laws in the financial sector, getting justice for lemon car victims, and giving voice to those snared by scams.

With our sector colleagues, read how we joined the fight to save sorry business. While there has been some progress in that campaign, there is a long way to go.

We also revamped our priorities and campaigns for 2022-23 to reflect a changing world. A new Federal Government has created new opportunities for engagement and progress.

We remain steadfast in advocating for a just market and a better society where everyone has a fair go, where no Australian is left behind.

View the Impact Report 2021-22 report by clicking here, or scroll down  at the bottom of this page.

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