Our response to the Right to Repair Inquiry Draft Report

We strongly support recommendations to address the main barriers to accessing repairs and other remedies through consumer guarantees. These barriers would be reduced through the introduction of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms across the states and territories, particularly in relation to specialty ADR for motor vehicle matters, which would improve access to justice.

Opportunities to exercise rights to repair under consumer guarantees are, in reality, often  unavailable to people facing financial disadvantage and other vulnerabilities.

At a systemic level, super complaints processes would complement improved individual access to consumer guarantee rights through ADR. A super complaints process would enhance regulator intelligence on systemic poor practices and better enable regulators to take enforcement action through more effective and transparent complaints processes.

Furthermore, it is integral that warranties do not impede independent repair. Warranties should offer benefits over and above rights enshrined in Australian Consumer Law, and should not be considered to replace these rights.

Finally, product durability and repairability information would be helpful for improving consumer choice. However, without improved access to dispute resolution forums, this information will not in itself improve access to the right to repair in Australia.

A summary of our recommendations is available at Appendix A.

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210806 CALC sub Right to Repair Draft Report(1)
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