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Consumer InterAction Issue 3/2016

In this edition

The housing black market success!

Debt vultures

Cooling off doesn’t work

Second hand cars

Impact Report 2015/16

Consumer InterAction Issue 2/2016

In this edition

Retail problems need easier solutions

What happens when businesses profit from struggling Aussies?

Good onya Google!

Election 2016

A stronger ASIC

The latest from

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2016

In this edition:

A Blueprint for Fair launches

The ‘debt vultures’ are circling

Victorian Mum takes on Flexirent

Fight for fair retirement housing picks up

NAB locks out the most vulnerable

Energy retailers to help Victorians stay out of debt

Consumer InterAction Issue 4/2015

In this edition:

Junk merchants fleecing millions from unknowing Australians

The common car product you might get a refund for

VET sector needs a national ombudsman

Lawyering for change

Unable to open the letterbox – money and mental health

Small loans. Big problem.

Cash Converters taken to court after reforms fail to protect the vulnerable

Consumer InterAction Issue 3/2015

In this edition:

The real stories of Victorians forced to choose to heat, or eat.

Credit cards hurting Australians

“Almost completely worthless” – used car warranties

“Rent-try-buy products mean that the poor pay more”

Fake discounts must end

Students will be better off with a new VET complaints body

Labor needs to take a stand on payday loans

Consumer InterAction Issue 2/2015

In this edition:

Junk insurance and rubbish warranties

Private car parks – fair at last!

Consumer Action campaigns for 2015-16

National rule change in the energy market

A last resort compensation scheme is a must

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2015

In this edition:

Beware of being sold discretionary risk products
The legality and fairness of ‘deferred management fees’ in the spotlight
Private vocational education and training providers causing wide spread consumer harm
Life insurance report lacks imagination
Vendor terms’ home ownership deal a fantasy with no basis in reality

Consumer InterAction Issue 6/2014

In this edition:

The David Murray-led Financial System Inquiry
Exposing ‘rent to own’ companies targeting remote communities
Private Colleges and training providers – an industry in the spotlight
Competition Policy Review Draft Report not there yet

Consumer InterAction Issue 5/2014

In this edition:

Energy retailers given the green light to increase prices at will
Agata Wierzbowski announced as the 2014/15 Community Legal Centre Fellow
Client stitched up by two traders in the one deal
New program to assist Victorians facing bankruptcy in the Federal Circuit Court
Victorian energy retailers failing struggling customers

Consumer InterAction Issue 4/2014 (August)

In this edition:
AEMC draft rule change determination
Energy market failing Victorians
Energy retailers’ hardship programs in the spotlight
Consumer Advocates oppose prepaid electricity meters

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2014 (February)

In this edition:
Fix It campaign launched
Advocates object to bankruptcy fee
Cost of expert reports prohibitive
Government focuses on lease providers
Consumer Action 2014-15 Federal budget submission

Consumer InterAction Issue 6/2013 (December)

In this edition:
Financial Services Inquiry
Mortgage exit fee ban a success
Damning stats for insurers
Access to justice submission
Motor Car Traders Act review

Consumer InterAction Issue 5/2013 (October)

In this edition:
Federal Court back Do Not Knock sign
Unwelcome changes to energy concessions
The hidden cost of ‘rent to own’
Avoid the Christmas credit crunch
Payday lenders’ web warnings in the spotlight

Consumer InterAction Issue 4/2013 (August)

In this edition:
Default judgments in the spotlight
Simply and Red Energy lag behind
Funeral insurance marketing exposed
Debt collection lawyer faces the music
Updated self-help kits now online

Consumer InterAction Issue 3/2013 (May)

In this edition:
New Director of Policy & Campaigns announced
New tool to stop door knockers
Regulator Watch report
AGL fined $1.5 million
Debt agreements in the spotlight

Consumer InterAction Issue 2/2013 (March)

In this edition:
New Consumer Action CEO announced
Energy retailers hear the call
Review of Centrepay submission
Call to make 1800 numbers free
Zaam loses credit licence

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2013 (January)

In this edition:
Proposed VCAT fees increases
Unfair contract terms extended to insurance industry
Radio Rentals’ advertising
Single pricing legislation
Credit reporting reforms

Consumer InterAction Issue 5/2012 (November)

In this edition:
Landmark court decision for Do Not Knock campaign
Consumer Warned about ‘rent to buy’ homes
Consumer guarantees tested in VCAT
New superannuation consumer centre welcomed
Consumer groups call for change to credit reporting

Consumer InterAction Issue 4/2012 (September)

In this edition:
Consumer Credit Legislation Amendment (Enhancements) Bill 2012
Do not knock register
Bulk complaint made against Motor Finance Wizard
Supporting to community legal centres
Policy and Campaigns Plan 2012-13

Consumer InterAction Issue 3/2012 (June)

In this edition:
Payday lending legislation passed
New front in the Do Not Knock campaign
ATM taskforce delivers for remote communities
Profiling for profit
Funding for new research project

Consumer InterAction Issue 2/2012 (April)

In this edition:
Consumers celebrate International Consumer Rights Day
Direct action in our payday lending campaign
Legal clarification around our Do Not Knock sticker
Retirement village contract confusion
Policy position on Water Pricing
Insurance reform
Australian Consumer Law – unconscionable conduct amendments

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2012 (February)

In this edition:
Consumers the losers as competition tribunal sides with power companies – yet again
Community lawyers claim The Cash Store’s holiday marketing is irresponsible
eBay amends website after concerns were raised
Your rights to return goods bought online
Report shows responsible lending laws aren’t enough to stop poor payday lending practices

Consumer InterAction Issue 6/2011 (December)

In this edition:
National Do Not Knock campaign begins
Payday lending campaign rolls on
National Disaster Insurance Review
Call for fairness in energy prices
Advertising guidelines for financial services

Consumer InterAction Issue 5/2011 (September)

In this special payday loans edition:
Payday loans – the facts
Busting common myths
payday loan case studies
stories from financial counsellors

Consumer InterAction Issue 4/2011 (June)

In this edition:
ASIC grants Motor Finance Wizard a consumer credit licence
Banking competition reforms
National insurance review
Save the cap campaign
Smart-meter roll out

Consumer InterAction Issue 3/2011 (May)

In this edition:
Motor Finance Wizard
More Credit Card Reforms
Insurance Reform
Payday Lending

Consumer InterAction Issue 2/2011 (March)

In this edition:
Credit Card Reforms
Dell Computers and Unfair Contract Terms

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2011 (January)

In this edition:
New Australian Consumer Law
Banking Competition
Energy Door to Door Marketing

Consumer InterAction Issue 6/2010 (November)

In this edition: 
Banking Competition and Mortgage Early Exit Fees
Credit Reporting
Energy Marketing
Save the Cap Campaign
Legal Profession Reforms

Consumer InterAction Issue 5/2010 (September)

In this edition: 
Save the Cap campaign
Credit Card reforms
Motor Finance Wizard test case
Energy Marketing
Your Views – consumers share their experiences with energy door knockers

Consumer InterAction Issue 4/2010 (July)

In this edition: 
Payday Lending
Bankruptcy Law Amendment Bill
New National Consumer Laws
Energy Distributor Pricing
National Credit Reform Green Paper

Consumer InterAction Issue 3/2010 (May)

In this edition:
Federal Budget outcomes for consumers
Australian Consumer Law reforms
Insurance Law reforms
Energy and water customer protections
Your views – the NAB on mortgage broking

Consumer InterAction Issue 2/2010 (March)

In this edition:
In-home sales of educational software
Victorian finance broker laws
Australian consumer law reform

Consumer InterAction Issue 1/2010 (January)

In this edition:
Bankruptcy reform
National Consumer Laws
Private Car Park Fines
National Consumer Congress

Consumer InterAction May 2008 -Motor Finance Wizard Campaign

In this edition:
Casework outcomes
National rollout of electricity smart meters
Standards Australia – solaria and energy efficiency standards

Consumer InterAction February 2008

In this edition:
Casework Outcomes
Current Cases
Grocery Unit Pricing
Competition in the Energy Market
Consumer Representatives on Standards Australia Committees

Consumer InterAction December 2007

In this edition:
2007 Annual Report
Casework Outcomes
Current Cases
Fairness in the Motor Vehicle Industry
Energy Market Reforms and
Activity Do Not Knock campaign
Consumer Representatives on Standards Australia Committees

Consumer InterAction September 2007

In this edition:
Unfair penalty fees campaign
Productivity Commission inquiry into Australia’s consumer policy framework
Casework outcomes
National energy market reforms
Consumer representatives on Standards committees
New Standards committee for Organic and Biodynamic Products

Consumer InterAction April 2007

In this edition:
Introduction – National Consumer Congress, Productivity Commission inquiry and effective regulation.
Review of the Credit Reporting Provisions of the Privacy Act – poor complaint handling by the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner
Current Cases
Casework Outcomes
National Energy Market Reforms
Consumer Representatives on Standards Australia Committees

Consumer InterAction February 2007

In this edition:
Consumer Action’s 2007 Policy Plan
Current Cases
Casework Outcomes
National Energy Market Reforms
Review of the law on Personal Property Securities
Consumer Representatives on Standards Australia Committees

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