Response to “Making Energy Bills Fairer For Families” – Minister for Energy, Lily D’Ambrosio

Quotes attributable to Janine Rayner, Senior Policy Officer – Consumer Action Law Centre in response to Victorian Energy Minister Lily D’Ambrosio’s announcement “Making Energy Bills Fairer For Families”

“We are heartened by the Government’s commitment to Victorian energy consumers. The increased powers for the Essential Services Commission in the proposed legislative amendments are welcome at a time when competition is failing consumers, and the market becomes ever more complex.”

“The ability for the Essential Services Commission to issue infringement notices, accept court-enforceable undertakings, or even to name and shame retailers for poor treatment of customers will drive better outcomes for Victorian consumers by making essential service providers more accountable.”

“We consider the increased payment amounts for wrongful disconnections to be an essential step towards a fairer, safer, more accessible and affordable energy market. The personal cost of disconnection, particularly when it has been done wrongfully, cannot be understated for consumers.”

“The impact of disconnection on the most vulnerable members of our society is so significant that we have recommended this decision be taken out of the hands of retailers and this responsibility given to an independent panel or arbiter.”

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