September 2013

Millions of Australians at risk of defaulting on their debts
ABC News’ PM, 30 September 2013, Mandie Sami

Payday D-day as Money3 buys rival Cash Store
The Australian, 30 September 2013, Tim Boreham

Origin Energy faces fines for doorknock pests
Herald Sun, 28 September 2013, Karen Collier

Brokers can take a leaf out of retail book
Insurance Business, 20 September 2013, Chinwe Akomah

VicRoads hands over private details to car parks chasing drivers for debts
Herald Sun, 20 September 2013, Karen Collier

Household goods rentals cost up to five times as much as retail prices, report reveals
Herald Sun, 12 September 2013, Karen Collier

Credit repair companies not necessarily a fix
Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September 2013, Julie Power

APG accused of misleading customers with confusing energy bills
Herald Sun, 5 September 2013, Karen Collier

Consumer Groups Tackle Funeral Insurance ‘Rip-Off’
Risk Info, 3 September 2013

Avoid black marks against your name
Herald Sun, 1 September 2013, Karina Barrymore

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