Submission: Alternative dispute resolution – discussion paper

Consumer Action has made a submission on the Alternative Dispute Resolution Discussion Paper prepared by the Victorian Parliament Law Reform Committee. In particular, Consumer Action has a number of suggestions to make in relation to the role of industry-based External Dispute Resolution schemes in the broader context of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Consumer Action is strongly engaged in the consumer dispute resolution process through making complaints to various industry-based EDR bodies on behalf of Victorian consumers. These include the Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman, the Credit Ombudsman, the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and the Energy and Water Ombudsman (Victoria) among others. In Consumer Action’s experience, industry-based EDR schemes have been an effective method of ADR from the perspective of resolving consumer/business disputes to the satisfaction of consumers. The majority of this submission relates to the role, place and future of industry-based EDR. We also make submission regarding costs of ADR, and mandatory ADR as a pre-requisite to court action.

To read our submission, click here: Alternative dispute resolution – discussion paper.

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