Submission: Competition Policy Review Draft Report

Consumer Action has provided comment on the Draft Report of the Competition Policy Review.

Key points

  • We agree that an effective competition policy must be focused on making markets work in the long term interests of consumers. However, there is a need for a much clearer statement in the competition policy principles that an effective competition policy will focus on empowering and encouraging consumers to drive competition;
  • We do not support the position in the Draft Report that user choice and competition should be the overarching principles of human services delivery. Minimum quality standards, universal access to service and equity of access are of greater or equal equally as important as consumer choice;
  • We have responded to a number of the Panel’s recommendations regarding the consumer law, including on misuse of market power and secondary boycott provisions;
  • We do not support significant changes to the governance of the ACCC; and
  • We do not support the establishment of a new access and pricing regulator.

A full copy of our submission is available by clicking: Competition Policy Review Draft Report.

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