Submission in response to National Energy Retail Amendment (Notification of the end of a fixed benefit period) Rule 2017 Rule Change Consultation Paper

The strategies involved in the proposed Rule Change, and in previous work outlined in the Commission’s consultation paper, reflect policymakers’ continued pursuit of trying to improve the effectiveness of competition and consumer outcomes in energy retail markets through increasing consumer awareness and engagement. Such strategies have been the focus of policymakers for far too long and this was recently confirmed by the Independent Review of the Electricity & Gas Retail Markets in Victoria (Independent Review). The Independent Review found that such approaches have failed to provide desirable outcomes for consumers.

Policy solutions need to ensure consumers are protected from detrimental outcomes when receiving services from energy retailers regardless of their level of awareness or engagement. Energy is an essential service necessary for health, wellbeing and social participation.

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170922 CALC submission re AEMC proposed Rule Change - Notification of end of fixed benefit period
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