Submission: Taxi Industry Inquiry—Response to Final Report

Consumer Action has made a submission on the Taxi Industry Inquiry’s Final Report, Customers First—Service, Safety, Choice.

This report is an important one. The taxi industry is one where consumers often don’t receive the level of service expected, and where many of those working in the industry are facing low pay and draconian “employment” arrangements. We believe that the close integration, and ownership arrangements in relation to taxi licences and services such as booking, training and payment facilities, contribute to poor consumer outcomes. We don’t believe that significant consumer benefits will result unless there is structural reform. We therefore generally support the proposals of the report.

However, in addition to these necessary structural reforms, we submit that regular and careful monitoring of the proposals is undertaken by the Taxi Services Commission, both during the implementation process and subsequently. The report promotes competition as a framework for the industry, to enhance service performance and customer choice. While we support enhanced competition in the taxi industry, it is our view that competition on its own does not guarantee improved outcomes. Ongoing monitoring can help ensure competition actually delivers benefits to consumers.

To read our submission, click here: Taxi Industry Inquiry—Response to Final Report.

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