scales of justice

Submission: Unconscionable Conduct Issues Paper

Consumer Action welcomes the opportunity to provide comment to the inquiry process established by the Government to examine options for clarifying the unconscionable conduct provisions of the Trade Pr...
scales of justice

Submission: National Human Rights Consultation

We welcome the opportunity to provide these comments on the National Human Rights Consultation to the Australian Government. We further commend the government on its action to ensure this important is...

Submission: Access Regime for the ATM System

Consumer Action supports the RBA’s efforts to improve the efficiency and competitiveness of payments systems in Australia, including the ATM system. As the Consultation notes, interchange fee amounts...
scales of justice

Submission: Trade Practices – Unconscionable Conduct

Consumer Action welcomes the opportunity to provide this submission to the Senate Economics Committee’s Inquiry into the need to develop a clear statutory definition of unconscionable conduct for the...
scales of justice

Submission: Review of trustee remuneration

As detailed in this submission, we support many of the amendments to the framework for trustee remuneration proposed by the paper. However, we are concerned that the tenor of the paper is primarily de...

Submission: Reform of Australia’s payments system

Consumer Action is supportive of the approach by the Reserve Bank of Australia to the electronic payments system and we welcome the pragmatism of the RBA in stepping in and regulating interchange fees...
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