August 2015

Finance: Personal Debt
Power bills to rise by $560 a year if electricity networks get their way
Banks back away from last-resort compensation scheme
Transaction fees for buying tickets online are up to $8 – but can you do anything about it?–but-can-you-do-anything-about-it-20150804-girefu.html&ct=ga&cd=CAIyHTkyNDA4NmMwOGZiNTEzMDE6Y29tLmF1OmVuOkFV&usg=AFQjCNFnpFBVJlhBZRdSkg7WBDYEJZdZvA
Sour outlook for lemon cars
Your Facebook friends could make or break that loan application
Dump your slacker Facebook friends now
Pay-Day Loans Under Review
Credit card crisis as users run up debts in massive spending sprees
Extended warranties “useless” according to consumer group
When your dream home becomes a nightmare
Proposals for tightening responsible lending rules for credit cards
Nick Xenophon vocal as online sports betting companies baulk at push to ban credit
Banks push back on fund for financial advice victims
Chair of FS Inquiry David Murray backs Governance Institute forum to re-think ASIC
Huge credit card profits driven by poor people
Call for capped bills for needy customers
Plan to starve the credit card monster
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