Working for a fairer energy market

Energy market reform

Our work brings the consumer voice to the national energy market. Our advocacy draws on real consumer concerns —expressed through our casework services (legal and financial counselling) and in public debates —to pursue better consumer outcomes in the national energy market through a fairer and more efficient retail market, including fairer and more efficient retail and distribution prices.

We also believe that broader market design, structure and operation issues, often well up-stream of the consumer billing and consumption side of the market, have a very large effect on the end impacts that flow to retail energy consumers.  We are therefore beginning to build capacity to advocate for consumers on broader questions of energy market design and structure —consumers, not producers and sellers, should be the central focus at every level of the energy market.

Our work in energy market reform is funded by the Consumer Advocacy Panel.

Reports, submission and media releases on this campaign are available here.

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