Credit limit offers in the spotlight

We’ve all seen letters or messages from banks trying to entice us to increase our credit card limits. They come in a range or forms from Congratulations, you’ve been pre-approved, to Increase your credit limit in time for Christmas. But one trait common to all these offers is that they’re trying to get customers to take out credit they may not have otherwise asked for and, in some cases, credit they can’t afford.

But new laws, which come into effect on from 1 July 2012, will ban these offers unless a consumer consents to receiving them. The impending ban has seen banks and other credit card providers rushing to get customers’ permission to send these offers, often implying that a response is urgent. Read Consumer Action’s article in Briefed, the Herald Sun’s law blog, to get the full story.

If you’ve received marketing seeking consent, Consumer Action would like to hear from you. Email us at

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