Exploitative credit— payday loans and consumer leases

Financial inclusion is not only about access to financial services, but protection from exploitative products that are inappropriate to consumers’ needs. Over the last three years, we have campaigned for effective regulation of harmful payday lending—we will continue our advocacy with new legislation passing through parliament in the latter half of 2012.

Some forms of consumer leases are also used to target high-cost credit at consumers excluded from mainstream finance—we’ll campaign for reforms in this area, including in relation to the use of Centrepay, the disclosure of costs, marketing, and unfair contractual terms.

Reports, submission and media releases on this campaign are available here.


Mission Incomplete: A snapshot of consumer experiences of short-term loans post the national consumer credit reforms (May 2011).

Payday loans: Helping hand or quicksand? Examining the growth of high-cost short term lending in Australia, 2002-2010 (summary) (September 2011)

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