February 2012

Flood cover: Insurers are still waiting
Insurance News, 27 February 2012

Deal puts AGL in path of competition watchdog
Herald Sun, 25 February 2012, Jeff Whalley

Gillard Government doubles the maximum interest rate vulnerable consumers can be slugged
The Daily Telegraph, 25 February 2012, John Rolfe

Ombudsman says insurance staff selling policies they don’t understand
AM, ABC Radio, 23 February 2011, Tony Eastley

ANZ job cuts linked to pressure on banks
The Australian, 14 February 2012, Scott Murdoch and Annabel Hepworth

Ban on power cut-offs for bills under $300
The Australian, 11 February 2012, Natasha Bita

Aussies playing their cards right
Herald Sun, 10 February 2012, Karina Barrymore

Bizarre Bills
A Current Affair, 9 February 2012

ASIC shadow shop finding “cause for concern”: Consumer Action Law Centre
Wealth Professional, 2 February 2012, Ben Nice


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