PODCAST: Josephine Beckhurst and the #SaveSorryBusiness Canberra Day of Action

Josephine Beckhurst is a Yorta Yorta woman from Barmah in Victoria’s north. Josephine and her family are among the many thousands of First Nations Australians ripped off by Youpla/ACBF, the funeral insurance fund that collapsed earlier this year.

On August 3, #SaveSorryCampaign members went to Canberra to lobby Parliament and advocate for a redress scheme to provide justice to families who have lost out. Josephine gave a lunchtime talk to Consumer Action staff and explained how her family became involved with Youpla/ACBF.

“I had a few family members that were joined up, myself, my son. It makes us all angry, upset,” Josephine says.

“They said it was Aboriginal run, they explained it to my mother who thought it was a good thing to join up -they couldn’t afford to pay for a funeral straight up- joining up was the only way to pay for a funeral for a loved one who has passed away,” she says.

Josephine said the Government’s promise of $4million is a good start, but she would like community to get their money back plus be compensated for the stress they are going through.

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