Our Policy and Campaign Priorities for 2022-23

Consumer Action has revealed its Policy and Campaign Priorities for 2022-23 with a refreshed focus on making the marketplace for consumers fairer.

Director of Policy and Campaigns Tania Clarke said she was delighted to be able to announce the new policies and approach for the coming year which will continue to ‘achieve impact towards our vision of a just marketplace, where people have power and business plays fair’.

Ms Clarke said the lived experiences of clients are central to the work of Consumer Action.

“We make sure client voices are heard at every level, and that the people we help and our supporters can engage in our campaigns so that key decision makers in industry and in government listen, understand, and take action.”

In 2022-23, Consumer Action will be campaigning on nine priority areas, with goals that include:

  • a commitment from the Victorian Government to establish a Motor Vehicle Ombudsman scheme in Victoria so that people who are sold a lemon car get fast, affordable access to justice;
  • legislation introduced into Federal Parliament to protect people from predatory payday lenders and consumer lease providers;
  • new rules to make sure banks detect, prevent and respond to scams, and reimburse scam victims;
  • fairer treatment of consumers by telco, energy and water companies; and
  • together with First Nations leaders, peoples and organisations, ensuring fair compensation for First Nations peoples impacted by the collapse of funeral insurer Youpla (also known as ACBF).

Ms Clarke said supporters could find out more if wanting further information or to get involved.

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Download a PDF of our Policy and Campaign Priorities 2022-23 booklet

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