Submission: AEMC Rule Change on Customer Access to Information about their Energy Consumption

As in Consumer Action’s previous submission to the consultation paper, we agree with the premise of the rule change that ‘in practice it is difficult for customers to access their data from market participants in an understandable format and in a timely manner.’ This is particularly true for vulnerable and disadvantaged consumers, who may have language and literacy barriers, or limited access to technology. Many of these consumers also have the most to gain from finding a new energy offer that better suits their needs and helps them to reduce their bills, as they often live in private rentals and have little control over the energy efficiency of their homes or appliances.

All consumers ability to engage with a future demand-side market will be dependent on access to simple, clear and timely data about their own energy consumption. We therefore welcome this rule change to improve the accessibility of consumers’ energy consumption data, as it is a fundamental plank in increasing consumer empowerment in the energy market and unlocking effective competition based on informed consumer decision making.

A full copy of our submission is available by clicking: AEMC Rule Change on Customer Access to Information about their Energy Consumption.

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