Submission: Facilitating access to consumers’ energy data: Houston Kemp Draft Report

Consumer Action welcomes the opportunity to provide a brief submission in response to the draft report prepared by Houston Kemp, Facilitating access to consumer electricity data (Houston Kemp Report).

We note that the Houston Kemp Report has been prepared at the request of the COAG EC (and overseen by the Department of the Environment and Energy (DEE)) to complement other policy consideration of access to consumer data. Federal Treasury are consulting in relation to the Review into Open Banking which concerns the Consumer Data Right (CDR) which will also apply to the energy sector. We note that in Victoria the State Government has allocated $1.9 million to undertake a concept study to define and develop a proposed Energy Data Hub—which would create a centralized, digital platform to access consumer energy data.

Read the full submission here [PDF]


180322 Consumer Action submission re Facilitating Access to Energy Data
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