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Australian Communications Media Authority compliance priorities

Consumer Action Law Centre (Consumer Action) and WEstjustice welcome the opportunity to contribute to the development of ACMA compliance priorities for 2021 –2022, hence our submission.

The past year has confirmed beyond any doubt that telecommunications services are essential services. During significant and lengthy lockdown periods, telecommunications services, including mobile services, were lifelines to friends and family, often the only means for attending a medical appointment, and required for remote work and school during government-issued stay-at-home orders. However, the data collected and published this year has shown that people’s experiences with their telecommunications service providers was far from adequate.

It is critical that ACMA continue to focus on telecommunications consumer protections—both in compliance with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code and in assessing whether the Code is deficient at providing community safeguards.

A summary of recommendations is available at Appendix A.

Read the full submission (PDF).

210309 CALC WJ sub ACMA Compliance Priorities 21-22 FINAL_Appendix


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