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Modernising the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Terms of Reference

WEstjustice, Consumer Action Legal Centre, Financial Rights Legal Service, and Financial Counselling Australia provide legal casework and financial counselling services to consumers, particularly those experiencing disadvantage, in their disputes with telecommunications providers.

In addition to our direct experience assisting consumers in the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman’s (TIO) dispute resolution service, we have cross-industry experience advocating on behalf of  consumers in the External Dispute Resolution schemes in the financial services and the Victorian energy and water industries: the Australian Financial Complaints Authority and the Energy and Water Ombudsman of Victoria respectively.

We consider this experience provides a helpful comparative perspective, and we reflect on our experience with these schemes, as well as our experience using the TIO scheme, throughout this submission.

This submission responds directly to the TIO’s Questions for Consultation; and addresses a number of outstanding matters relating to the TIO’s processes and jurisdiction.

Read the full submission here (PDF) or below:

Submission to the TIO Terms of Reference Review
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